Accessible Game Design

Twine Is:

A free program for creating hypertext art.

What Can We Make With Twine?

  • Stories
  • Poems
  • Games
  • Interactive Art

At the Bonfire by Finny


Twine games are made of passages...

  • like a game can be made of levels.
  • like a poem can be made of stanzas.

Double-click the Start passage to edit it.

What makes a passage?

  • A unique title to identify it.
  • Tags for special functions & custom themes.
  • The content: what the player sees.

A note on "Start"

The passage titled "Start" is special. It is always the passage that first appears when the Twine is played.

Other special titles: "StoryTitle", "StoryAuthor"


Try editing the content of the "Start" passage.

When you're ready, select Build -> Test Play

Creating Passages

Right-click a blank area, use the page icon, or press Ctrl-N to create a new passage.

Linking Passages

Enclose the name of another passage in [[square brackets]] to link it.

To link any text to a specific passage, split the bracket with a | symbol.
Put the visible text on the left and the passage name on the right:

This is the surrounding text [[and this is the link|Passage Name goes here]]


To add images, click and drag an image from your desktop into the main Twine window, or select Story -> Import Image.

To display an image in a passage, use the following format:

[img[The Name of the Image]]

Building & Sharing Your Twine

Select Build -> Build Story to turn your Twine into an HTML file.

You can share Twines for free on:

More Twine Features

  • CSS Styling
  • Variables
  • Expressions

CSS Styling

You can change the look of your Twine game using the programming language CSS, just like any other webpage.

Variables & Expressions

Variables let you store information, change it, and use it later.

Expressions let you add random variations to text, use mathematical calculations in your game, and more.

Some Cool Twines

These examples demonstrate just some of what is possible with Twine.