Shindanmaker is an overlooked, underrated site where anyone can easily make random generators. To use the generator, people type in their name (or any word) and then get their result–the fun of seeing an online quiz result without answering inane questions. You can post the result to Twitter which is a fun way for people to compare random outcomes.

Shindanmaker is virtually unknown outside of anime teens who make quizzes in anime jargon about whatever flavor of the month show they’re watching. These quizzes are inscrutable to anyone outside the fandom. I would like more people to become aware of Shindanmaker as a way to make random generators at no higher cost than writing lists of things that would be funny or interesting to combine.

Part of the appeal for me is that a generated sentence can evoke a world greater than the sum of its parts:

porpentine is an architectural arena-empress who laughs at statues.

Is she laughing at statues because her intricate arena turns people into stone?

Porpentine is a purely emotional fruit sentimentalist from the Horrible Ice Zone.

I’d be emotional too if all the fruit was frozen by horrible ice.

Porp is a martial swamp-empress who hunts flowers.

It would be hilarious to imagine them as ordinary, innocent flowers pounced upon by a warrior empress, but it also evokes flowers capable of defending themselves, hmm, monstrous huge flowers that make ours look like a joke.

Here are my Shindans.

Try your own!

update: beautifulhorsemeat made !!!!DISCOVER YOUR TRUE FORM!!!!  which i like a LOT

Porp is a glitchy humming obelisk who loves butt plug oblivion


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  1. HAIR BEAST says:

    HOW WILL YOU DIE????? (don’t cheat)