my plot inventory

Mcc made a post about tallying up the essential narratives in our games:

Video games do overwhelmingly tend to fall into narratives about domination, “beating” something, power fantasies of one type or another, and it’s easy to make a game fundamentally about this without realizing you’ve done it.

I started wondering: What are my games about, exactly?

Here are mine.

Cloadokum: Solve a mystery by finding clues–at least for part of the game
Funeral for a friend: Dig a grave
STARSHIT: Find a bounty and kill them
Wonderful Swamp Crab: Explore
Nostrils of flesh and clay: Locate an item
KLIT OF THE MONTH: Survive bullets shot by a giant baby
A Place of Infinite Beauty: Climb a mountain
BATMAN IS SCREAMING: Get out of bed and walk around
Myriad: lol. varies wildly based on scene
The Sky in the Room: Get drugs, have sex, sleep
metrolith: differs from character to character but basically explorational/hunting/wandering
howling dogs: varies wildly based on scene

hard to pin down a running theme