Graphical Games


Magical Pet: Return to Dragon Beach!

Raise your pet! Teach it tricks! Feed it tasty snacks!

[Play Online]

[Windows Download]



Himalayan Pink Rock Salt

lil game i made inspired by thecatamites microgames


enhanced 1


Grassfires of Veldstar

it’s about running from grassfires.

Expanded from the 48 hour version made for Ludum Dare 27.


cyborg wasp

Cyborg Wasp Duel

this is basically the first graphical game i ever made. the goal is to shoot the other player and kill them. it’s pretty basic. i like the art more than the gameplay. inspired by 1st level of Sonic Spinball.

Controls: WASD + Space for left player, arrow keys + Shift for right.

there’s no respawn, you just have to restart the game.


Womanhood Triumphant

made in 2hrs for klit of the month about being a floating woman’s head who has to avoid projectiles until her baby dies…also she has to avoid those bigwigs in washington who want to control her bod…very political game, very topicaluuurrgh

sound effects by REAL WOMENS MOUTHS INC (ultra friend erin) (my directorial style consisted of alternating between “GIVE ME SOUNDS OF TRIUMPHANT WOMANHOOD” and “It needs to be more…*vague hand gesture*”)

inspiration: Kumiho

WASD to move | click to teleport to cursor position

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