can we analysis the versatile uses of favs

1) The fav’s obvious use, APPROVAL, GOLD STAR, NICE TWEET

2) When you want to acknowledge others but have no emotional energy, like when you get a lot of replies

3) To graciously signal that a conversation is over, ending on a wordless bloom of vague good will

4) To “spine” down someone’s timeline (coined by @graugirl), when you love so many of their tweets and aren’t ashamed to show it

5) The Crush: when your crush signs offline to go to bed and all you can do is go to their twitter and smittenly fav until you fall asleep

6) To add extra punch to a retweet, “faved and retweeted”, the whole package, “holy shit”, max appreciation

7) favs to comfort someone who is depressed. it can be hard to know what to say. a way to signify, “i’m listening”

8) Subtle social engineering, approval intended to guide their tweets to a better place.

9) To remember something for later—this technique decreases in efficacy if you fav a lot, “favstorm” practitioners beware!!!

10) When something interests you or even turns you on but you’re too anxious to RT it because it would acknowledge you share that interest

bonus round

11) shit i didn’t mean to fav that

a) but they can have my fav, w/e

b) and the universe is broken until i unfav that

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